Alison Mahita Matulich is as an advocate for children.

Alison provides guidance for both public and private school Kindergarten curriculum development, parenting tools and parenting skills training, and additionally-  early childhood education program design. She offers real, practical, and professional advice for administrators, parents, and families who seek support in the area of Early Childhood Education. Alison enjoys receiving payment for her work so that she  can continue to do what she loves to do . . help families, administrators, and educators have the real world tools and skills to make life more joyful for young children.

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if you are interested in her consultation services for your school or family. 


Alison Mahita Matulich uses the following methods that she has found helpful for creating collaborative learning environments for children in Kindergarten.

Responsive Classroom Training

Conscious Discipline Classroom Management Strategies

Point Zero Method – painting

Non-violent Communication – Life Enriching Education

Orton-Gillingham Multi- Sensory Approach to Phonics

Education for Life – How to live skills and character development

Alison is inspired by the following educators – listed in order that it came to mind rather than alphabetically:

Dr. Marshall Rosenberg

Marva Collins

Bev Bos

Ellen Blindermann

Jo Boaler

Carol Dweck

Michelle Cassou

Dr. Becky Bailey

Dr. Lilian Katz



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