Recommended Reading


Great Books/Resources for                          Parents and Teachers

The Compassionate Classroom – relationship based learning and teaching by Sura Hart and Victoria Hodson

The No Fault Classroom – by Sura Hart and Victoria Hodson

Teaching Children Compassionately: How Students and Teachers Can Succeed with Mutual Understanding (Nonviolent Communication Guides) Marshall Rosenberg PhD

I love you Rituals by Dr. Becky Bailey

don’t move the muffin tins by Bev Bos

together we’re better by Bev Bos

Developing a High Quality Program

Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale Clifford, Harms, Cryer

Classroom Management

Conscious Discipline – Building Resilient Classrooms Dr. Becky Bailey 

Teaching Math To Young Children 

Mathematical Mindsets Jo Boaler

Strategies for changing your own attitude towards math

The Young Child and Mathematics – Juanita V. Copley

Big Ideas of Early Mathematics – Erikson Institute

Focus in Grade 1 Teaching with Curriculum Focal Points – National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Teaching Art to Young Children

Michelle Cassou – The Flowering of Children’s Creativity

The Clay Teacher

Re-thinking Education in the United States

Beyond Measure by Vicki Abeles

Punished By Rewards by Alfie Kohn

Make it Stick – The  Science of Successful Learning

Inspirational Early Childhood Educators

Dr. Lillian Katz

Relationships and why they matter for the young child

Developing Child Harvard Research





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