Paint stars and get messy

I worked on some star props for the school play today with a little girl. The stars are awesome! We got glitter everywhere, got messy, and had a blast. "I remember once in kindergarten you told us that getting messy was good." She said with a smile. I am so glad she remembered that! We... Continue Reading →

Kindergarten Philosophy

  I am teaching an outdoor adventure camp/ cooking camp this week. We often say a blessing to the trees and plants wherever we go and we send out good thoughts to the animals in nature. Sometimes we make a circle and focus on one wonderful thing that has happened in our day. I have... Continue Reading →

Dance, sing, teach

  We've learned right? That children don't naturally sit still and stay quiet? I suggest making the most of movement when working with young children. Teaching math? Dance to the beat or count with creative movements. Make shapes with your body.  Teaching Science? Take a familiar tune and add your science words to it ..... Continue Reading →

Connecting again

I was away for several weeks and when I finally got home I was so happy to see my tiny dog Miles. However, he was getting into something and I said to him, " What are you doing!?" in a serious tone. He ran and hid under the arm chair in my room. I was... Continue Reading →

Back to the Basics

  Parents, Teachers, Caregivers: We all need reminders of the basics once in a while. Are the kids getting enough sleep? Are we getting enough sleep? Are we drinking enough water and eating balanced meals? Sometimes I come to class and I can feel that I am not my usual chipper self. I am the... Continue Reading →

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