999 Tadpoles Book Review

A story of adventure, finding a new home, and ultimate success despite surprising circumstances. This is a classic book and Kindergarten students love it. Ken Kimura has a fun yet earnest tone. The illustrations are vibrant. Want to integrate mathematical language and have a little laugh. THIS is the book for you. As usual: read... Continue Reading →


Quality field trips

I took my class to the redwood forest several weeks ago. Time in nature. Enough said. I was remembering the time that I built a painting wall in my classroom. Basically, it took hands on experience to learn how to drill into the concrete wall. It was all about doing, trying, failing, and doing again.... Continue Reading →

Paint stars and get messy

I worked on some star props for the school play today with a little girl. The stars are awesome! We got glitter everywhere, got messy, and had a blast. "I remember once in kindergarten you told us that getting messy was good." She said with a smile. I am so glad she remembered that! We... Continue Reading →

Kindergarten Philosophy

  I am teaching an outdoor adventure camp/ cooking camp this week. We often say a blessing to the trees and plants wherever we go and we send out good thoughts to the animals in nature. Sometimes we make a circle and focus on one wonderful thing that has happened in our day. I have... Continue Reading →

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