Circle of Kindness – Kindergarten


Last week in our classroom we bought carnations and purple flowers. The stems were laid out on the table ( 2 stems for each child). All of the educators and children sat in a circle. One by one the children went to pick 2 stems.

In the center of the circle there was an empty vase. Each child said something kind to the friend sitting on his/her right and put a flower in the vase. . then something kind to the child on his/her left and put the other flower in. We rang the bell between turns.

It was one of the most touching kindness circles I’ve ever been a part of.

The student sitting next to me said,” I’m happy you are here Mrs.Alison.”

That small comment will sustain me for the rest of the school year.


One thought on “Circle of Kindness – Kindergarten

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  1. Such sweetness. I am inspired and hopeful knowind that young people are encouraged to feel and express kindness towards others, as well as to receive. To open their hearts in this way. A hope that this act of kindness these children experienced will nurture peace reaching out into the world.
    I imagine you being deeply touched by the child’s expression of gratitude for your presence in their life.

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