Power, powerful, letting go

I wonder just how much of teaching is centered around power and control. If the classroom community is set up in such a way that the children feel they have a voice and they are powerful what happens? How much structure is needed? How much “control”?As a teacher what does it take to relinquish your power and become a learner in front of your students? I also wondered today at lunch if I even like the idea of hand raising. The children were asking each other questions like: “If you like ice cream raise your hand” etc. . Ahhh! I thought immediately. . is THIS what they are learning??


How to go from having to raise your hand to speak to turn taking? How small does the group have to be for turn taking to take place? I’m tired of lining up, raising hands, and being in front of the classroom. My goal is move into a circle as often as possible and to teach the children about respect, community, kindness, and to teach them how to listen without having to raise their hands. Do you think it will work?


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