Good enough when you walk through the door

We had a big open house at the school where I work. I was trying to explain to the families that their children were already good enough when they walk through the door of my classroom. I had tears in my eyes. Trying to explain to a group of silicon valley parents why this school and this classroom was any different than any other classroom. It’s a lot to try to articulate in 20 minutes. At times I feel it would have to begin with a fundamental questions that I often ask , ” What do you want for your child?”  I see each day a million chances to support creativity instead of suppress it. . opportunities to encourage a child instead of tell them they are not doing something “right”. I am realizing more and more that all the little moments add up. You are wonderful, beautiful, and bright! YOU ARE ENOUGH! and I WANT YOU TO SHINE dear children.

This is my goal for the next week: To remember to tell each child how much I value them and to speak words that water the seeds of joy in them.

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