Kindergarten Philosophy

Hiking Adventure Camp


I am teaching an outdoor adventure camp/ cooking camp this week.
We often say a blessing to the trees and plants wherever we go and we send out good thoughts to the animals in nature. Sometimes we make a circle and focus on one wonderful thing that has happened in our day. I have been explaining to the children what it means to pack your own trash and not leave a trace behind. Children outside under the open sky, running, leaning against the tress, and being free. The world seems as it should be.


Snippet of the day:
Scene – 10 children climbing one large tree. Some children hanging from the high branches, others who are barely able to get one leg onto the log. . a few others crawl along at a snails pace to get a little farther along a thick horizontal branch. In short the tree is covered in children all in different shapes and facial expressions. Ages: 4- 6

I am watching all the kids carefully and enjoying the fact that there are no computers here, all of the children are engaged and happy, we all just drank pure water and had a delicious lunch, and that they are getting small scratches on their legs from tree climbing ( isn’t that what being a kid is all about? ) They are taking small risks with this tree and inching their way up  . . learning how far they can go and how high and learning how to turn around and balance and how to lean into the tree and let it hold them.

Finally, I have to announce: Time to leave . . beautiful children, let’s go!

My five year old friend T.  says, ” Mahita, we are like the flowers on this tree. You’ll have to pick us off if you want us to leave. ” and my heart is filled with a smile.




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