Dance, sing, teach


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We’ve learned right? That children don’t naturally sit still and stay quiet? I suggest making the most of movement when working with young children. Teaching math? Dance to the beat or count with creative movements. Make shapes with your body.  Teaching Science? Take a familiar tune and add your science words to it .. make some moves : )  Adults and children need to move in order to get their brains working. Take a deep breath with your hands above your head. I would say that even in a formalized, very structured learning environment that well over 70% of the day the children should be moving ( not sitting in desks). Do you work all day on a computer? To get your creative juices flowing. . stand up and stretch or take a 20 minute walk. The results will not let you down. I am grateful for all the children who have touched my life and have taught me to be more authentic and less afraid of taking risks. Dance, sing, teach and remember to smile : )

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