Connecting again

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 12.16.12 AMI was away for several weeks and when I finally got home I was so happy to see my tiny dog Miles. However, he was getting into something and I said to him, ” What are you doing!?” in a serious tone. He ran and hid under the arm chair in my room. I was shocked! I had never seen my tiny dog run under the chair before!!! Anyhow, I started to think about tone and how much energy a person’s words can contain . . . either for good or for bad. I also started to think about Miles, the cutest terrier in the world, and how I had just been away for 5 weeks. So, despite my ability to jump back into his world and go back to our routine I hadn’t taken the time to properly cultivate the sweetness in our relationship again. Now. . don’t get me wrong I don’t mean to imply that children are like small dogs. . because they are not. However, I feel that the quality of our relationships with children mean a tremendous amount and how we reconnect after seeing a child is important. What do we know about each child and have we considered how their morning was or what their home life is like? I learn from what life offers to me and this week I learned to be very careful with my tone of voice and also mindful in how I reconnect with people including children. My goal is to connect authentically with the children when they return to school and shower them with sweetness. I am looking forward to finding out about all  my new students and hearing from my  students who are heading on to 1st grade. May we shine light and love to our students when we first see them!

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  1. Dearest Mahita, We were thinking about you today after the High Tea… we all miss you!!! Would you kindly share your contact information? We would love to reconnect and hear about your new adventures. Special love from Lula!

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