Back to the Basics



Parents, Teachers, Caregivers:

We all need reminders of the basics once in a while. Are the kids getting enough sleep? Are we getting enough sleep? Are we drinking enough water and eating balanced meals? Sometimes I come to class and I can feel that I am not my usual chipper self. I am the first to admit that sometimes I go to bed later than I should ! Yikes! I have also realized recently that there are so many transitions during a school day that it can be overwhelming. My practice the last few weeks is to not rush the kids who need a little extra time and to create a quieter voice when I speak to the children. I found that one of my students actually responds much better when I whisper to him, ” It’s time to wash your hands for lunch” than if I say it at full volume. Getting to know your students is so important but so is getting to know yourself. Do you need 8 hours of sleep to teach and be your best self? Do you need 2 cups of coffee in the morning or green tea before starting a full day? Take the time to take care of your self and the kids. Rest when you need to so that you can play hard and laugh more!

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