Children in Nature


I have lived in California since I was 2 years old. I’ve been on lots of walks, hikes, and adventures. It wasn’t until I started taking my Kindergarten class on a a daily morning walk that I began to recognize this plant before it opens up and becomes a flower:

In fact this plant always looked like a carrot top to me before it blossomed. The small details of the trees, rocks, and animals around have so much to offer in the way of learning. This year our class has stopped and looked at the same tree every morning, except on really rainy days. We began by seeing this tree dressed up in brilliant Fall leaves. Now, the same tree has bare branches and sits in the morning winter fog.

If you are interested in exploring nature with your students you may not have to go too far. Go on a walk! Of course teaching the class about how to keep safe when on a walk is important. In our class we pair the children together and they can choose to stand side by side or to hold hands with their friend. When crossing the street safety hands are a must (holding hands). So throw away that weather worksheet and get a real feel for each day by going outside. You can even have the children look up at the sky and record the weather themselves at home or at school.

Great Books on Sharing Nature with Children 

Research suggests that learning in nature helps children 



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