What do we really want for our children?


A child that has the ability to critically think, to think creatively, and a child that has qualities such as : determination, inner confidence, and an attitude of service towards others, will succeed. We must look at our own views about success and our own fears about life very carefully. How can we place achievement of academics above the need for children to have a childhood? The rise of afterschool tutoring corporations and parents who are ready and willing to sign their own children up for developmentally inappropriate activities is shocking. The increased academic pressures being put upon children is astounding. Parents and teachers must become up to date on the latest research in child development in order to protect their children and ease their own fears. It is not enough to accept popular beliefs or to sign you child up for an expensive Kindergarten so they are guaranteed a good spot at a top college. Become an advocate for young children. Become an advocate for creative expression, happiness, and joy in learning. The skills a human being needs in life cannot be measured by a score on an exam. Life is full of failures, disappointments, and perhaps even situations that make you feel angry. Does your child know how to appropriately express his/her feelings. Does your child have the ability to navigate challenges? Indeed I wonder if we might ask ourselves as adults who have young children in our lives, Do we know how to navigate challenges and feelings without running away from them?

Tools for learning the language to express emotions are available in many different forms. I have found Non-Violent Communication to be particularly useful.


Cultivating Curiosity – Developing the skill of self-reflection

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