Cultivating Curiosity – Developing the skill of self-reflection


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I read  an article written by Susan Engel published in the Harvard Educational Review. The article is called, Children’s Need To Know: Curiosity in Schools. I highly recommend this article to any elementary school teacher who is wondering about how to cultivate curiosity in the classroom. Cultivating curiosity inside your classroom may not be a matter of just going with the children’s interests or using the Reggio approach. There will always be a new buzz about what  is the best and greatest philosophy to use with children. Maybe a school practices play based learning, others may use a Reggio approach, other schools may be planned and based on attachment theory. However, regardless of the school philosophy a teachers ability to witness themselves while teaching and/or reflect regularly on their teaching style and practices plays a critical role in how a philosophy is implemented and received by students  . It may be hard to really hear yourself during classroom conversations, especially when you have an agenda or a skill you are trying to teach. Recording conversations and listening back to them may reveal habits or tendencies you have as a teacher that you many not have previously been aware of. Carefully observing your own mind and responses to children’s questions while teaching may prove to be the key to unlocking true inquiry in your classroom.


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