Being in a room full of Early Childhood Educators

children playingTake a class and connect. I am taking several courses this semester in Early Childhood Development. While I contemplate where to get my Masters degree I like to stay current on the latest research in the field and connect with other early childhood educators. An early childhood educator in a room full of other adults that all work with young children Ahhhh. Refreshing! It is like drinking a glass of pure water on a hot day.  Just listening to stories and knowing that these folks understand soothes the soul. They understand the huge differences between a 4 and a 5 year old. The ideas for projects and curriculum are flying through the air. I am telling the teacher next to me about the nature collages we just finished.  Then, I am jotting down notes about a great freezing paint idea for art. I hear a group of  teachers discussing the joys of seeing children up to their elbows in Oobleck. I am serious when I say that I almost want to cry. So what if you already have your degree, go back to class and connect with other professionals in the field. In the bay area there are excellent, top notch, highly intelligent, instructors at the community colleges. Many of these professors have 30 plus years in the field of early childhood education. Why not learn from some great teachers who are no longer in the classroom?  I live in the East Bay so my current favorite courses include any class with Professor Barbara Ogman at Chabot College as well as the stellar Math and Science for Young Children course being taught by a partnership between Lawrence Hall of Science and Bay Area Colleges ( currently at DVC). The professor is Ellen Blinderman and she is an incredible teacher and the current Coordinator of Early Childhood Programs at the Lawrence Hall of Science. If you have the funds. . go to one of the workshops at The Lawrence Hall of Science. Talk about making science fun and interesting! Your children would truly benefit from this type of experience. Can’t afford it? Ask parents to do a fundraiser for the Science Field Trip.

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