Velcro your classroom!

Velcro LoveGoodbye sticky stuff that doesn’t stick very well . . Hello Velcro! This year I cleared out the dramatic play area of the classroom. Now, life is just a little bit better during free play time.  It is amazing how many “things” can accumulate in a dramatic play area if you are not regularly checking it and cleaning it out. It is now easier to hang up the costumes and much easier for the children to put away the materials. One thing that I love is VELCRO. I took the magic wand, glasses, bags, purses and even the firefighter hat, and I attached the soft part of the Velcro to them. The rough part of the Velcro is on the wall post. The children easily stick these items back onto the post when it is clean up time. Instead of putting out all of my dramatic play costumes I carefully selected about 8 costumes, mostly capes.  Also, I washed the set of play silk scarves and rolled them nicely in a basket near by. The children have already begun making these into magical capes. I used weather proof Velcro to put up nametags outside where the children hang their back packs also. This works wonderfully! This is the type of Velcro that I use and I buy a big roll from Home Depot. Here is a link to wonderful Play Silk Scarves.

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