My kindergarten teacher Mrs. Guyten

Someone asked me a few weeks ago about my goals. “One of my goals is to be one of the best kindergarten teachers in the bay area” I said. With so many skilled teachers, amazing schools, and fabulous families I realize that this goal is a BIG goal. What makes a classroom great or a teacher great? Each person would answer this a little differently. What do you think makes would make and excellent kindergarten? I have been so very blessed to have many great teachers in my lifetime. My kindergarten teachers name was Mrs. Guyten. I happened to be in her class the last year she taught at Loyola Village Elementary School. She had been teaching for well over 30 years. My memories of her are of a warm woman, a gentle soul. I remember planting carrots, making candles, and listening to stories. I remember sitting at the table and having to wait to try lemon, unsweetened dark chocolate, a potato chip, and a piece of sugar candy. I remember sitting on a red carpet with numbers and letters on it. A happy feeling is what I remember from kindergarten. It is my hope that this blog can serve as a place to reflect on my teaching, share resources with families and teachers, and perhaps it will serve as a place to celebrate the wonderful moments that happen in the day to day life of a teacher.

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  1. Now I’ve heard it all…read every word of your whole blog and am filled with love and;
    admiration……. I wish I could be in your Kindergarten class….LOVE

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