Cultivating Curiosity – Developing the skill of self-reflection

  Product.Result.Send something cool home. Product. Product. Product. I read ¬†an article written by Susan Engel published in the Harvard Educational Review. The article is called, Children's Need To Know: Curiosity in Schools. I highly recommend this article to any elementary school teacher who is wondering about how to cultivate curiosity in the classroom. Cultivating... Continue Reading →

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Power, powerful, letting go

I wonder just how much of teaching is centered around power and control. If the classroom community is set up in such a way that the children feel they have a voice and they are powerful what happens? How much structure is needed? How much "control"?As a teacher what does it take to relinquish your... Continue Reading →

999 Tadpoles Book Review

A story of adventure, finding a new home, and ultimate success despite surprising circumstances. This is a classic book and Kindergarten students love it. Ken Kimura has a fun yet earnest tone. The illustrations are vibrant. Want to integrate mathematical language and have a little laugh. THIS is the book for you. As usual: read... Continue Reading →

Quality field trips

I took my class to the redwood forest several weeks ago. Time in nature. Enough said. I was remembering the time that I built a painting wall in my classroom. Basically, it took hands on experience to learn how to drill into the concrete wall. It was all about doing, trying, failing, and doing again.... Continue Reading →

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